With Halle


Building Creative-Playgrounds for all people



 Inviting. Warm. Engaging. I really appreciate Halle’s energy and integration of joy, love, and care for oneself and others through dance. I thought her progression and respect for everyone being at their own level was wonderful. 

Nancy K.,

I recently attended a wonderful (e)Motion creative-movement workshop. Halle has developed a safe space to help each participant explore movement as self expression. I was empowered to express my feelings and experience lighthearted, uplifting moments throughout. In this difficult time of COVID-19, it was the first time in months I have felt free.

Nathalie K.

Halle is patient, accepting, playful, supportive, and kind. For those of us who may not be as up on things in the world of dance, her teaching style is especially appreciated. What Halle does is she gets people up, about, and moving. That’s what we need right now in the world. Her heart is so in it; you can really feel it. 

Sara S.,

So. Much. Fun. The class was really well paced and Halle provided very clear directions. The toggling between facing the camera and facing away was helpful. The song choices were great and worked well with the rhythms Halle offered. I had so much fun moving with the others and feeling accomplished in what I was doing in large part due to the clear instructions and great energy Halle provided.

Rachel B. 

Halle has such wonderful energy and positivity! She led a zoom dance birthhday party for me - and it was a blast! She is a great host and a great dancer. She is nice, creative, and a joy to work with!

Debbi K. 


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